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I have been doing home and commercial financing for 7 years.I currently work for Pier Point Mortgage in Muskegon, MI. PP has been open for 12 years and is one of only 2 michigan mortgage brokerMortgage Brokerages in the West Michigan shoreline. We shop for the best rate with the lowest closing costs for our customers. With over 40 banks and lending institutions that offer over 200 programs, we can handle almost any borrowing situation. Many times, we can beat the “local” banks or credit union because we buy our rates at wholesale and have no advertsing overhead expense. We start borrowing at a 580 FICO (credit score) and have no money down programs.We also offer credit repair if you would like to someday buy a house. If your current home mortgage is ”upside down”, we can still re-finance you. I offer exceptional customer service and would love to give you a free quote. Not sure if you can qualify??? Just call and see!


Greg LeRoux
PierPoint Mortgage
3380 Glade St
Muskegon MI 49444

Cell 231-206-2327 
Office 231-206-2327
fax 231-737-9933

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